Philosophy / Reflective

My Conscience and I

Where are we going?

That’s a fairly simple question, we’re on our way to Airlines  to catch up with ourselves.

What do we intend to do there?

Drink coffee, smoke, pull each other’s leg, if we’re lucky spot the right balance of beauty and brains. Not another specimen who looks like she just exited Cosco. (Cackles)

Where are you going?

Well, as I said to Airlines, probably Cheta a little later. Need to meet a few friends whom I’ve not seen a good deal of time.

No, I meant do you know where you’re going in life?

Haha, thats a serious question. I do, I want to become a writer, move into the film industry. Tell all the tales I have in my head, paint all this mental diorama. ‘Diorama’ (Guffaws). Yes, diorama you idiots floating around like flecks of restless, aimless dust.

You want to be a writer, then?

I wish it was that simple, But, it isn’t. I see this world around me and I want to bring about a change, I realize I can’t depend upon writing alone to feed me. I’d have to fend off hunger with a pack of beedis then. *Laughs*
No, there’s something more. I come from a middle class family, humble roots. We’re aren’t materialistically majestic. But, when it comes to values we do consider ourselves the richest.

You do seem to look down upon the rich. Why so?

Oh, I hate the rich trust me. I see so many rolling around in swanky cars and giving their kids mercs that it sickens me. I mean you just don’t hand over the keys of a 500+horse power engine to a teenager who does not understand the value of it. The way I see people around me, it looks like we’re living in a money mill. Every second guy has a car, their whims are satisfied yet there is a deeper vacuum within. Most of today’s generation consists of personalities who’re anchored to earth via their materialistic possessions. It’s like their iPods, iPads, mobiles, motors  and accessories add weight or significance to their being. Take it away and they become transparent.

Moneyed familes do enjoy the privilege to spend as they deem don’t they?

You see, that’s where we’re wrong, I wouldn’t despise the rich if they’d endorsed a mentality and a mode of spending that’d make sense. Something that would culturally contribute to society, we as a nation are going through a tough crisis and unless the rich don’t chip in then we’re as good as doomed. With money comes freedom, but freedom contrarily is never free. You are obliged to do something in return for it. You can’t just fritter money around, the tragedy with our nation is that we forget our roots and where we came from. In a sense I feel India is much like Arabia or minions of the oil region. We had a huge spurt in growth as soon as the LPG was enacted and Globalization created so many opportunities that many made their millions. But, among those many there’s a large chunk who turned from farmers surviving on Rs50 a day to crorepatis who didn’t know what do with their money. Some squandered it, others accidentally invested it and consequently turned rich. Think of it like Wasseypur, you have all the clout and cash but lack class.

So, you’re referring to a different batch of crorepatis? How would you segregate them if you had to?

I call these men gray scale babus. Those who were born on either side of the road that connected villages to capitals, who when the opportunity presented itself sold their lands or went into joint ventures and became rich.

Now, since we’ve beaten off the track from teenagers to economy. What do you think about the Indian Society?

Our actions have impacted it and the people with the power have abused and left us wanting. We are apathetic, we’ve become that way. I mean we weren’t meant to be here, how did we turn this weak? Didn’t our ancestors fight for freedom our freedom, they gave away their lives and we’re here frittering what they presented us away! We were systematically broken down. And even now we fail to understand the problems that plague our nation. A girl is raped on a moving bus in Delhi, what do we do? We start protest marches. We light candles, we demand for tougher laws, we christen her ‘Braveheart‘, meanwhile we overlook the rapes that subsequently occurred. We’re the youth we must bring change, But, all we ever amount to doing is staging protests that in the beginning are as potent as a freshly lit cigarette, but, with each passing day they grow weaker until the government stamps them out entirely.  Much like a butt.

Well why do you feel so?

Pass me a cigarette… Oh, why I feel this way? Show me one instance wherein the public has managed to triumph over the government, show me India’s revolution post it’s Independence. Yes, we evolved, you can say we came together and over a 60 year period have done good. But, just to satiate ourselves with this picture won’t do. This notion is like a pacifier that mothers give their babies to quieten them up. The government is in shambles, we have problems. At times I feel we don’t deserve this democracy, we were better off under a white supremacy. Because then we all had something common to fight against. Our ancestors wanted  something , they devoted their entire existence to an ideal they wanted to see materialized. But, today’s politicians are too busy with divisional politics to care about the greater picture. To take a hit for the team is perhaps a concept they will never understand. The public too confused, going about trying to piece their lives with great pomp and sweaty brow with all that haute couture says is necessary to attain happiness. What interests this nation is what goes on in the houses of it’s fictional families. The reality shows with absolutely nothing but trash and News Channels that focus only upon publicizing and glamorising an event rather than seeking out the root of it.


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