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Rise of Atheism

Religion. A word that cites fear, happiness, contentment and anxiety all at once. A way of life that has seeped into society to such an extent that death is the likely punishment for non adherence to one’s ideology.
Over the years, religion has been widely debated upon, its pros and cons measured up to see whether it stands to serve a purpose in modern society. While many religious factions paint fictitious pictures of harmony and co existence, there is this undeniable underlying truth that deep inside, they live to serve one purpose over anything else. To serve their own version of a supernatural being, even if that requires him/her to kill a child because his/her holy book says so.

The evolution of science and free thought has bred a new faction of homo sapiens that wish to look beyond the virgin births, miracle healing and men walking over water. The realization of a higher truth that we are all living beings that have evolved to suit our natural surroundings, just like every other animal on planet Earth rather than being fashioned out of the creativity of a supposed super natural being.

Charles Darwin proposed his theory of Evolution that basic organic cells evolved over a period of millions of years that eventually grew into the various organisms that we see today as opposed to The Abrahamic faith’s belief that Adam and Eve were created in God’s image and were then fooled by a talking snake to eat the Apple of Knowledge that their loving God hid from them to remain in eternal stupidity.
A little too fairy tale like, don’t you think?
Talking snakes, really?  Some argue that the snake is a metaphor, but a theory well supported by heaps of evidence in the form of fossils of intermediate species seems more plausible as opposed to  ancient books that have no real proof.

Religion inspires division as is well documented in the “Holy Land” that has been contested for the last century since its shares a common space in Islam,  Judaism and Christianity. Terrorism backed by religious groups is well known and the catastrophic destruction that has ensured world over has challenged the need of religion in the world.

Homosexuals are unfairly treated in society while homosexuality is very common in the animal kingdom. Religion haunts their every move.

Wars have been fought through out the ages that resulted in the deaths of millions all for mindless religious dominance.

To answer the most fundamental question, we look at religion in its essence.
A way of life  governed by a set of moral principles that ensures that a society functions in accordance to the common good of every individual. Different religions had sprung up in all parts of the world to suit the lifestyle of the individual like Hinduism, Buddhism, they Mayan religion, or the religion followed by the advanced ancient Chinese civilization some which have no value today.

The Greek Gods have been rubbished by science along with the great goddesses of the Amazon, The Viking myth, and dozens of other faiths.

Most of the doctrines of the currently thriving religions of the world have also been disapproved by science, from man’s evolution, to medicine and witch doctors and the origins of the universe.

The Earth has been found to be more than a few million years old disapproving the Abrahamic faith that the Earth is only 8000 years old. In spite of this discovery the debate between the creationists and evolution rages on. The Church persecuted scientists over the ages that challenged the teachings of the Bible pertaining to the solar system and other myths.

The Abrahamic story also  fails to explain a particular conundrum.
It is well established that the Earth’s history is a million years old. Humans came about 100,000 years ago. According to religion, this supernatural force watched humans suffer with diseases, malnutrition, child birth, infanticide and dismal mortality rates for 100, 000 years and suddenly revealed himself only 2000 years ago, that too in the illiterate Middle East as compared to advanced civilizations like India, China and Egypt. In addition it does not account for the existence of the dinosaurs as well.

Do you know that it was only in the late 20th century that the Church officially accepted that the Earth is round and not flat?
Arguments concerning the merging of science and faith can be put to rest.

In a moral sense, I ask of you a few simple questions.
-Do we need a book to tell us what is wrong or what is right  ?  Haven’t we evolved morally as compared to our ancestors that negates the need for a strict adherence to a faith that our great grandfathers followed ?
–What morality is there when religion demeans women through the ages ?
–What kind of a GOD  acknowledges the female to be an inferior creation?
–What perfectly moral GOD orders the Israeli tribe to massacre a rival tribe knowing very well that every human being is made in his image?
–What supernatural being is jealous of other faiths, orders genocides and wipes out civilizations and interferes in matters concerning the proposed “Holy Land”.
–Is it morally okay to blackmail a child with the concept of an ever burning eternal hell ?
–Is it ethical to circumsize a child because religions says so when there is absolutely no scientific or medical benefit in doing so ?
–How is it that the Pope pays a visit to Africa, a continent ravaged by AIDS and orders the non use of condoms ?
And he is supposed to be the man chosen by “god”, a man that sits on a golden throne, wears designer clothes, has guards from Switzerland, a palace to live in while children all around the world die due to malnutrition.
–Is this God’s form of justice?
–Do you think that this perfect sky god is justified when he cares about what you eat  and when you eat what?
–Or when you sleep?
–Or how many times you pray to him? (Prayer has been statistically proven not to work)
–Or which position you have intercourse in ?
–Or whether you use protection or not ?
–Or wished animals to be burnt in his name?
If this is the GOD that is considered perfect, it seems erratic.
Why can’t this GOD be a female?
Seems silly, but a perfectly valid question nonetheless.

With constant questions gunned at theists and the lack of valid answers, a new community has risen in the 21st century that has a voice and looks for  a self-critique scientific method to observe things around us and accept our environment.
Atheists as we are commonly referred to believe in only one principle. Humanity.
Spread this message amongst all human beings, that to help a follow a human being comes from the innate nature as primates to help a fellow one in need, and not because a set of rules written by human beings as ourselves in  ancient books inspires the humane quality in us.


4 thoughts on “Rise of Atheism

  1. A very narrow minded post, I think. Next time you want to propose new sides of the world to people you might want a less arrogant tone.
    I’m also not quite sure what you’re trying to say, making it hard to respond, though you’ve definitely inspired lots of words in me. I guess you’re trying to argue that religion is out dated and useless because, in the end, it was made by humans themselves and doesn’t make any sense.
    (Now, I’m an atheist, so obviously I totally dig this view.)
    However, there’s another side of all this.
    Why do so many cultures create Gods? I won’t use this as an argument that there is a god (which I don’t believe) but I think it proves that lots of people NEED a God. It has been statistically proven that religious people live longer. They’re generally happy. Because they don’t go around asking the same questions about life an meaing as we do. And whether a person gets this from some sort of religious enlightenment or from logic doesn’t matter to me. If people reach happiness and don’t harm anybody, they can believe exactly what they want.
    By the way, there are lots of female Gods, and lots of religions with just one God that is female.
    Your post seems to be mostly about Islam, Judaisme and Christianity because you believe they have done lots of evil throughout time. I agree, religion has been the reason for lots of evil doings. But a lot of the time religion is also just an excuse. Look at the crusades, which were actually do to economical relations between the Middle East and southern Europe.
    I do, however, agree with you that it is ironic that we look down on greeks and vikings to have believed such silly things, yet firmly believe in the bible. That’s why I really like christians, muslims and jews who don’t take their texts literally but more like a gathering of fairy tales – and what were fairy tales meant to do? To bestow moral and ethics on us. And so they understand the meaning of the stories and not the literal concept.

  2. It’s true that religion does inspire good but at what cost ? Is is worth having religion inspire good and at the same time also drive religious divisions and sects into killing each other ?

    Anything that divides society to such an extent requires no place in it.
    At least in India, the religious divide is apparent and destructive amongst the Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Schools have fee concessions based on religion, colleges have admissions given based on religion and communal riots here are a thing to be ashamed of.
    Almost every major issue in the world has religion as the root cause buried deep within.
    And sorry to say, you’re wrong about Muslims. Most of them take the Quran literally, as they believe the texts to be the words of Allah relayed to the Prophet unlike the Bible as we all know is a collection of works by different humans, conveniently edited.
    Yes as the Dalai Llama says, God is a metaphor for personal truth and many believe the same. What I argue against is the concept of an intervening God that listens to prayers, worries about what we do, creates us sick (objects of the original sin) and orders us to be well again.

    Coming to female goddesses, yes in fact the religion I was brought up in had many female goddesses, I don’t deny that. My argument here is against the three most popular faiths in the world, the rest have been largely proven to be untrue.
    To conclude, without religion, the good and the bad remain as they were.
    With religion in the picture, the possibility of the good doing bad in the name of it, or for its GOD, or Prophet dramatically increases.

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