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The Rage for a SLR

We live in an age where the need for communication is enormous. An age where communications is achieved through various forms of media. Even though there are so many out there, visual communication still retains the crown. And the simplest and the most impacting of the various forms of visual communication is of course photography. Photography, isn’t just clicking a random picture with a camera. It’s an art. An art so powerful it can inspire, bring joy, create awareness, demand awe and call forth tears.

It just doesn’t create an image. Photographers freeze the world for that brief moment. A feeling that words cannot express. But the title of “Photographer” can’t be given to every Tom, Dick and Harry with a D-SLR. Everyone wants to be a “photographer”. People have pages like “XYZ Photography” that proclaim that the person who owns the page is a photographer and offers “professional services“. They also mention which cutting edge camera they use to capture their “photographs”. They use various filters to process the picture and VOILA, they have a “photograph”. This people, is NOT photography. It’s an image or a freaking mugshot. Photographs, like a painting demand compositions, there are guidelines as to how to click a photograph to bring about an aesthetic value to it. The camera is not a tool. It’s a brush that paints a picture.

We have folks who buy lenses, filters, camera bodies, flashes, tripods and various other equipment worth butt loads of money, and they have no clue as to how to use them properly. Mind you, the equipment that these people have, are what photographers dream for. Then you others who use an SLR worth almost 71 grand on Full-Auto mode. Blasphemy much? The atrocity is just unbearable. If one is going to do that you might as well buy a point and shoot for 5,000 and take the half-arsed pictures. Just having an SLR and the whole kaboose does not make one a photographer.

Not everyone can be a photographer. It’s really not that easy. You have wildlife photographers who spend months in the wilderness for just one picture they want. There are advert photographers who do loads of research about a company’s product to try and portray it in one frame. Event photographers who run all over the venue following the subject. Photojournalists who squat in uncomfortable positions trying to give you your daily news and some even die trying to do so. Being a photographer is hardly about getting to see the world and living like a king. Its hard work and loads of it too.

Sure go buy an SLR, but after you do so try and learn what it is about. And once you do the feeling you get is worth all the effort you put in.


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