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Inside the Mind of Electronic Music

Electronic Music has evolved to an extent where it sometimes becomes a tad bit too beautiful to be apprehended by those who cease to appreciate the magic. It all began when a kid from Egypt decided to record  the sounds of an ancient and traditional Middle Eastern ceremony using a cumbersome wire recorder. He also put some effort into producing and mastering the soud by putting up echoes and other fx like reverberation, echo, voltage controls, and re-recording into it, thus leading to the first sample recording or the composition of the first electronic record. This thus led to the genesis to a beautiful step inside the concept behind the whole electronic music universe. At that time people were not getting the idea behind, rather people weren’t able to comprehend the real concept behind electronic music.

Then along came the Moog Synthesizer which grasped the attention of all major underground electronic musicians around the Globe. You know why this particular object is important? A genius, inventor in the midst of our own passed it on to a leading place in the sound of emerging progressive rock with bands including Pink Floyd, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Genesis making them part of this family that thrived off that particular sound.  One who works on electric music had come across a lot of powerful structures from inside the idea behind their own concept while working on it. There is an existence of mathematically complex structures in every musical piece but when you open yourself, your spirit to the beauty of the music, you get transported into the beautiful world that exists within the dimensions of that piece. The feeling is one that can be compared to the ethereal experience, which unites all who lend their ears to this unique sound. Some of these creations trigger your imagination, to make you see the beautiful side of life. To experience a different world. You don’t believe me? You don’t. Not yet, because you yourself need to hear it out and feel it within yourself and thereby experience the beauty behind Electronic Music. It’s not what you expected. It’s not what you had in mind. Of course there are complex structures in it. But people who have a good mind and a passionate heart in them can put it all together and realize the truth behind the genius creation.

Electronic music is hard work and extra hours of persistence to bring every music syllable to perfection. I think at the earliest start the first people to reach that kind of level were Kraftwerk.  They were the influential electronic music project that was formed back in the 70’s before anyone figured out how to use the synthesizers, Moogs, drum samples, MIDI sequences etc.. with a level of proficiency that only veterans could exhibit. They created something out of it. Something people didn’t hear in their everyday monotonous lives. Electronic music in its earliest, being performed was magical.  You can just go and research about this and you will clearly know it.  Several questions will pop into your head; how did they come up with this? how did they do it? Read my words again. Hard work and such immense dedication to their work paid off.

As of right now I know of one person who makes electronic music beyond it’s original, archaic beauty.  Joel Zimmerman, (not a lot of people might know him with his real name) also known as Deadmau5. He brings the electronic music to this age to a level of advancement creation in such a beautiful way that describes electronic music in a different perspective. He delivers to you, his creation with such passion and with a beautiful, magnificent performance unlike anyone else.  Totally the expert behind electronic side of music working day to day, to create amazing tracks.  Daft punk and Deadmau5 were my earliest influences when I venture into electronic music. They had an idea I guess. An idea to funnel people together, by using their own style of music. The way that both parties describe electronic music is just incredible; unique and unlike anything people have done before. Electronic music is a gateway that is designed to push your boundaries and always trying to reach that place of paradise that exists beyond anything materialistic. It’s a beautiful methodical procedure that goes on over and over, like a big systematic circle. It could be a struggle to prove yourself to the world. What I’m trying to tell you is that ignorance to electronic music is missing out on a beautiful and really magical side to the world of music. A world that is different from what you see today and what you expect to see. It can change your life without you having but a hint of it.  Magical…Just magical.


2 thoughts on “Inside the Mind of Electronic Music

  1. I just finished reading it and I have to say its very true what u have written about Electronic Music, this article is nice keep it up Anway 🙂

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